Fourth Of July KOOZIES ® - Wed White and Boozed - 4th of July Bachelorette

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Neoprene or KOOZIE® Required


 Fourth of July Bachelorette Koozies ® or can coolers - Wed White and Boozed - Patriotic Koozies

Cooler options… Choose between neoprene or KOOZIE®  Brand Foam


*KOOZIES® are insulated with a lightweight foam backing and have a tag along the side displaying the brand name. KOOZIE® foam coolers are a tiny bit wider and because of that, work best with can beverages.


*Neoprene coolers are insulated with a high quality material similar to a wet suit for superior insulation.  Neoprene works well with both bottles and cans.


Both KOOZIES® and neoprene are foldable and easy to store.  All designs available on either product. Both choices are super durable, hold up to wear and tear and are as practical as they are adorable!!  Sealing against moisture and air temperature, they provide THE best insulation for that delicious beverage you're holding!


These are personalized both front and back and yes, each cooler can have a different name for personalization and can have different wording front and back (Name on front, Maid of Honor on back, etc.).



Side One:  Wed White and Boozed (Let me know if you prefer something else here)

Side One:  Party Info / Location / Date (Let me know if you want this left off)

Side Two:  Name(s) in Script over Block First Initial(s)

Do you have another idea?  Just let me know under "special requests"!


I have a passion for details, and although this is what makes each of my gifts special and unique, it can get confusing!  Send me an email directly if you have any questions regarding personalization!

Personalized fourth of July bachelorette koozies - wed white and boozed

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